Site Services

SWEL realise that the service wing of their business is pivotal to the customers operation. Critical path components tend to fail at the most inconvenient times and with this looms the possibility of costly down time, liquidated damages and subsequently loss of revenue and customer retention. Historically SWEL have mobilised personnel to weld sea fastenings on large cargo vessels, have repaired carousels for umbilical manufacture companies with extreme pressure and deadlines. Ultimately the satisfaction of  all involved and the approval of third party surveyors is our objective.

Whilst these disciplines are the more larger project orientated applications we are also most importantly akin with mobilising personnel for simple weld repairs, Non destructive testing, pipe work and basic shetmetal / fabrication applications. Our relationships with key customers is normally sealed with a fixed hourly rate and on most occasions can be dealt with on a same day basis. With continued growth and healthy investment in modern technology and equipment, SWEL now offer an international service, a testimonial we believe to our commitment to the project.