Power Gen and Nuclear

With the ability to mobilise our crews of specialist welders and fabricators at relatively short notice SWEL have for a long time now offered our services to power stations and substations nationwide.

With one particular customer we have serviced a network of substations on the west coast of Scotland on a fixed hourly rate for a number of years. As well as repair of turbine blades and duct work manufacture we also carry out breakdown repairs and our range of materials has no limitations. SWEL are most comfortable working with the modern super alloys we now find in these environments, our welding engineer has 30 years experience in the industry and can offer solutions to all your fabrication and welding requirements.

Reports & Documentation

Typically our quality department offer the following documentation reports to guarantee conformity and adherence to procedure.

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Past Components

  • Weld repair and reclamation of turbine blades.
  • Site services for weld repairs, pipe work, ductwork and metal fabrication.
  • Boiler repair in line with pressure vessel directive PD 5500
  • Busbar fabrication and welding
  • Non destructive testing including MPI, DPI, UT and radiography
  • Structural steelwork
  • Hydraulic reservoirs and skid frames
  • Lifting equipment and spreader beams
  • Pipe installation including super duplex, hastelloy C276, Inconel 625.

Our Sectors